Questions To Ask Any Wedding DJ

We hope you choose Capital Sound DJ’s to host your wedding, but regardless we want you to be informed.

Below are twenty sample questions you should ask any DJ before booking them for your special day.

1. Can we submit requests?
2. Can our guests submit requests?
3. Can we submit a “Play List”?
4. Can we submit a “Do Not Play List”?
5. Can you help motivate a non-dancing crowd?
6. Do you require a meal?
7. Have you played at our reception venue before?
8. How will our DJ be dressed?
9. How much of a deposit do you require?
10. How long has your company been in business?
11. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
12. How up-to-date is your music collection?
13. How long have you been a wedding DJ?
14. What forms of payment are acceptable?
15. What sort of equipment will you be using? (i.e. wireless microphones, light shows, speakers, backups)
16. When do we meet the DJ for our wedding?
17. When will you arrive for set up?
18. Will you be taking any breaks? (i.e. smoking, drinking)
19. Will we be signing a written contract?
20. Will you be making announcements?

Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

Download this questionnaire here: